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2 years ago
He literally sat there and did nothing-
Iraqi 2 years ago
Is he try to make porn video or this is audition for zombie movie, cuz all i heard that old fart make zombies sound ayyyo ayyyo
Sleepy Joe 2 years ago
Huh...Maybe I do still have a chance in porn...
olfart 2 years ago
and, no wonder why she IGNORED him.
Dude 2 years ago
Wtf is this?
Bartas 2 years ago
Girls name...???
????? 2 years ago
You got a little pink pee pee
Que? 2 years ago
Well.................... Nah, i really don't know how to explain that i'm here ;-; but the girl's hot tho.
2 years ago
He was just practicing
Why 2 years ago
Why the old guy tho...